Aaaand We’re Back!

Ugh. I hate the first Monday after a vacation. I’m usually very restless and daydreamy, still full of energy from my break. I find it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand, which seriously doesn’t make my work day any easier or shorter.

In any case, we’re back. We have successfully traveled with a young child, and everything was just fine. She spent most of the time in the car knocked out, and the 300+ mile drive didn’t even seem that long going up (andĀ felt even shorter coming back!). The time with family was well spent, and a couple of things happened that have inspired me to write a couple of new posts in the next week or two, which is always a good thing.

I’d write more, but I’m surrounded by a pile of work that isn’t going to do itself any time soon. A more detailed family vacation update will be coming soon!


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