Recipe of the Week: Beets ‘n’ Sweets

For Mother’s Day weekend I decided to try a recipe that I had been eyeing for the past month. I found Roasted Beets ‘n’ Sweets on (Have I mentioned how much I loooove that site? Because I do! I want to marry it!) and couldn’t wait to try it, as there were no ingredients that I don’t already harbor an unholy love for (my grammar sucks today, meh).

I love beets, but so far I’ve only had them one way: boiled plain, no extra spices of any kind. Sweet potatoes were something that I disliked for about 95% of my life but have grown to appreciate more recently, as in merely six months ago when my mom made caramelized sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. Garlic and onions are of course old favorites; I put either of them in pretty much anything.

For my incarnation of this recipe (I don’t have any good pics, unfortunately, but there are pics on allrecipes), I replaced the garlic powder with half a head of minced fresh garlic and replaced the white sugar with brown sugar.

The end result was yummy, although some of the chunks of beets weren’t quite tender enough and I thought it could use a bit more onion and a tiny bit more salt. But it was definitely a nice meal to have on a cool, rainy day and I’ll certainly be making it again.


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