Recipe of the Week: Chocolate-Covered Bacon

This week’s recipe was going to be chocolate-covered marshmallows, but I scrapped it when a coworker mentioned chocolate-covered bacon, which is something that I have actually eaten and enjoyed once before. I’m not usually a fan of either bacon or sweet/salty combinations, but this one actually works for me. The downside (besides the obvious health concerns – Cookie Monster says that chocolate-covered bacon is a “sometimes food“) of buying this treat is that is it unreasonably expensive; a single bar can cost anywhere from $5-10. For less than that I can make 6-8 of my own bacon bars at home!

I followed this recipe, which suggested baking the bacon rather than frying it. I was actually super dissatisfied with how chewy the bacon was and, let me tell you, it was no treat to bite into chocolate that had nothing but a gob of fat within it. In the future (yes, I plan on making it again sometime) I’ll be frying the bacon to crispy awesome yummyness.

The best part about the whole adventure was that I learned how to melt chocolate by constructing my own double boiler. The purpose of doing a weekly recipe is as much about forcing myself to learn new techniques as it is about trying new foods, and this recipe definitely served the former rather well.


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