Today, inspired by an object in my best friend’s Etsy shop Mootopia (go look! go buy!), I decided to try my hand at my own embroidery hoop wall art. I just used some scraps of fabric that were left over from the diapers I sewed for Eve several months ago (aaaargh I really have to make more in the next size up but I’m just soooo lazy aaaargh!).

Anyway, here are the finished products, which will be hanging in Eve’s room as soon as it doesn’t look like the aftermath of some apocalyptic doom.

[The images above show embroidery hoops in a variety of shapes and sizes with fabrics of varying designs stretched in them.]


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6 Responses to “Art!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    DUDE. I can’t believe you made all those. They are AWESOME!!!! And what great ways to decorate a kids room – big rounds of color. Where did you get the hoops? I assume a thrift store but if not, there are always plenty at thrift stores. They look GREAT!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

    • August Says:

      Thank you! I got them from Michaels cuz I couldn’t wait to try it out, but I’ll be checking out thrift stores for them in the future.

      I love you too, darlin. 🙂

  2. Nicole Says:

    PS – Now you need to try your hand at embroidering them!!! Also easy 🙂

  3. Nicole Says:

    PPS – I don’t know how many people read your blog but all of a sudden my little birdie has a ton of views! Yay!! AND A HEART!!!

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