Recipe of the Week: Marshmallow

Last night I finally took the time to make marshmallow, which I have been planning for about two months. I put it off over and over because of all the new cooking techniques that it required; I was nervous that any attempt would just result in one giant mess and that my marshmallow would turn out like ugly rock-hard tiny white bricks.       

But! I succeeded! For the very first time I had to separate egg whites from their yolks (so easy to do by hand, no need to waste my money and kitchen space with a dedicated tool!), use gelatin, and boil sugar syrup to an exact temperature using a candy thermometer. I wasn’t nervous about the gelatin (hey, you just sprinkle it over cold water, it’s not exactly rocket surgery) but I wasn’t sure about the other two, especially since my candy thermometer was one that I snagged for cheap from my local Shoppers and not one of the fancy ones.       

I also used my wonderful Sunbeam stand mixer for the first time. I paid $30 for that mixer (have I mentioned that I love Goodwill?) and it’s probably older than I am. It’s loud and ugly, but it certainly did the job, especially since it took about ten minutes for the sugar syrup to fluff up.       

Mixing the sugar syrup and gelatin with my trusty Sunbeam


Looks like it's time to add the egg whites!


Pouring the marshmallow into the powdered pan


The finished product! Light, springy, and yummy!


[The images above show various stages of marshmallow creation, starting with mixing the sugar syrup using a stand mixer, to pouring the mixture into a pan, and ending with a container full of light blue marshmallow squares.]       

Check out the recipe and much prettier marshmallow pictures! I mostly followed it exactly as written, but instead of coating them in powdered sugar by hand, I found it much more efficient to just stick a dozen or so squares in a container with some powdered sugar, put a lid on it, and shake to coat. I don’t know what brand of gelatin the author of the recipe used (I used Knox), but I used far less than 3 and a half envelopes, so I suggest actually measuring out the 2 tablespoons and 2.5 teaspoons. Also, these turned out really sweet, so in the future I’m probably going to coat them with a combination of cornstarch and confectioner’s sugar to keep from overdoing it.       

Oh, and they don’t turn blue on their own. That’s food coloring.      

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