Recipe of the Week: Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Almonds

Yesterday marked Eve’s very first (and honestly, considering my apathy towards baseball, possibly her last) visit to a ballfield. It was a company sponsored picnic, and one of my coworkers had been gracious enough to treat us to tickets, so despite the heat (which was well into the 90s), we met them at the park and spent a few hours thanking every cloud that covered the sun for even a few moments.

We slathered the baby in sunblock, strapped on her sun hat (which she tried to pull off every time she remembered it was on her head), and hosed her down with cool water every few minutes. She wore only a diaper and a t-shirt (which remained wet the whole time – her shirt, that is), and despite the fact that she’d skipped her morning and afternoon naps, she remained cheerful. She did very well in the heat, despite my worries.

The temptation of the day came in the form of an overpriced Rita’s stand as well as the enticing aroma of roasted almonds. The almonds were $4 for a small ($7 for a large!), and Marcus managed to convince me not to waste the money. I knew I could make a huge batch of my own for a fraction of the price, and so I did!

The recipe that I used and tweaked for my roasted almonds was exceedingly easy to follow, and I got to separate egg whites, which I actually take a lot of joy in doing since it was something I’d always been afraid to attempt for so many years. I didn’t measure out 4 cups of almonds, mostly out of laziness. I’d bought two 6-ounce bags of whole unsalted almonds and just used those. I added half a cup of brown sugar to the coating, and instead of a half teaspoon of cinnamon, I used a full teaspoon of pumpkin spice (I pretty much always use pumpkin spice whenever a recipe calls for cinnamon).  I also added a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the egg whites. Rather than using a jelly roll pan, I spread the almonds out in a single layer over a baking sheet with parchment paper for the baking.

The end result was not as sweet as I’d thought they would be, but that’s actually for the best, I think. I ate way too many before bed and still had more than enough to bring to work. I actually think that these will last me a while, well over a week if I don’t gorge myself on them. Since the recipe called for stuff that I always keep in my kitchen anyway, it was a quick and convenient snack to make.


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