Help Nikki Araguz

A woman whose husband has died is being sued by her in-laws, who assert that because the widow is trans, the entire marriage was a farce and she has no right to his death benefits. On top of the fact that the in-laws are grabbing for money only a few weeks after her husband’s death, they have also publicly outed her as a trans woman and have endangered her life by doing so.

For more details, check out Cara’s post on The Curvature.

Mrs. Araguz is currently living off of donations since her assets have been frozen. Please help. If you can’t afford to donate, then at least spread the word! I doubt very seriously that the big GLB orgs and celebrities are going to come running to her assistance; trans issues just don’t rate very highly on the list of Things That Matter in any cis-dominated sphere. Every little bit helps.

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One Response to “Help Nikki Araguz”

  1. Garen Says:

    I stumbled across your site through this article, since I’m using Nikki Araguz’s story as an anecdote for a paper I’m writing on trans issues. Being a poor college student, I just can’t donate any monetary assistance, but I’d really like to send her a letter or something with a hug, a sort of a “not all people are bastards” present. What a rubbish thing to do, and right after losing her husband, too.

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