“Does She Drink Breastmilk or Normal Food?”

I overheard the above quote at a children’s Halloween party last night. It’s not an uncommon question for those of us who aim for full-term breastfeeding or delay introducing solids; it’s kind of a rude question anyway (and since when is breastmilk abnormal?), but the kicker is that the dude was not asking about the food habits of a six-month-old or a toddler – he was asking a new mother about her 7-week-old.

I could go into all the ways that my little lactivist heart died when I heard that, but I shan’t. This is an open thread, friends. Tell me about your weekend, vent, share links or halloween pics, do whatever. If you read this blog but rarely or have never commented, then at least take the time to say howdy.

[Image description: A rear shot of me, dressed in black sweats, and Eve, dressed in a cow costume, walking up someone’s driveway to trick-or-treat.]

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4 Responses to ““Does She Drink Breastmilk or Normal Food?””

  1. theroamingnaturalist Says:

    You two are so precious, and that child has such a bright future ahead of her with a mom like you. She’s going to be a beacon of light and hope for others her age whose parents were not nearly as open, loving, accepting, and forthright as you are. I hope you know that!

  2. GallingGalla Says:

    Aw, Eve is cute in her costume!

    I have commented once or twice, but I’m mostly a lurker, so hi!

    As to the subject of the post, it is sickening and wearying how so many people feel like they have ownership of women’s bodies. It shows in intrusive questions like you mentioned, cis folk (including cis women) asking intrusive questions about trans folk’s genitals, etc.

    Respecting the privacy of other people? Seems like something that folks should have learned before they got to kindergarten, really.

    • August Says:

      I’d guess that since on some level, since privileged folks don’t believe that the people they have privilege over are REALLY people first and foremost, they don’t even consider that the indecent questions they wouldn’t dream of asking their privileged peers would be completely inappropriate to ask, well, ANYONE, but especially folks who are already marginalized.

  3. baj4life Says:

    Aww, cute cow costume!

    I find it amazing sometimes when I hear what some people think babies should be eating. When my son was 4 months old, someone asked me if he wanted some chicken O_o.

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