About This Blog

What This Blog Is About:

This blog is about me, my family, and the world around us. Subjects will vary from motherhood and abortion to racism and transmisogny, and every place in between.


I want this blog to be as accessible to disabled folks as I possibly can make it. That means that when I host video or audio files, I will do my best to provide transcripts. I will also include detailed descriptions of the pictures that I post. If you are a reader of this blog and you have a disability, but find that I did not provide for you in some way, just leave a comment on this page letting me know how I can do better and I’ll do my best to work with you.

Comment Guidelines:

I encourage and welcome dialogue, whether it be dissenting or otherwise, but I will not tolerate hate on this blog. I will delete, edit, or outright reject comments that contain [transphobic, ableist, racist, sexist, fat hate, etc] slurs or hateful screeds of any kind. This includes misgendering trans people or using language that insinuates that they are not “really” the gender that they identify as. That’s hateful and transphobic. Seriously, don’t do it.

I will not approve comments that call for violence. Violence is not funny, nor is it ever appropriate to wish death or violence upon anyone for any reason.

One Response to “About This Blog”

  1. shadesmagazine Says:

    Hi – I, my name is Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig and I am Editor-in-Chief of a new magazine http://myshadesmagazine.net, which celebrates all women of color. I would like to feature you as blogger of week. Can you contact me at shadesmagazine1[at]gmail.com? I can give you more info. Thx!

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