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Day Two!

April 30, 2010

Today is the second day of our vacation, and so far things have been going wonderfully. Eve was pretty patient with us for the six-hour drive on Wednesday (it helped that she was asleep for 80% of the ride), and upon arriving we were received warmly by my husband’s parents, grandparents, aunt, and sister. We’re staying with my sister-in-law, who is 7 months pregnant with her first child; she has a cough that doesn’t want to go away, reminding me of how I used to catch every single bug and ailment that came my way during my pregnancy with Eve. While I do miss pregnancy sometimes, I certainly don’t miss that.

Right now Marcus is downstairs with his grandparents, attempting to barter the baby for a little breakfast. I’m trying to decide whether I should comb out my afro (I washed out the twists yesterday) or attempt and likely fail – again – to cornrow my own hair. I know how to braid (or at the very least, I know the mechanics of it), but I think I’m mostly having trouble because my hair, while certainly of cornrow-able length, is still pretty short. Perhaps I’ll have better luck once I’ve got another inch.

All right, I’m going to bring this totally exciting update to a close. It’s time to check on my husband and see if he was able to successfully trade our firstborn for some bacon and grits. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, friends, I hope you enjoy it.

Twist and Fro

April 26, 2010

I am almost 27 years old, and I don’t know how to do my own hair.

Growing up, my mom relaxed my hair on a regular basis, and all I ever learned how to do with it was comb/brush it, wrap it (although I kinda sucked at that and the scarf always slipped off during the night), and pull it back in a ponytail. I slathered Luster’s Pink lotion on it on a regular basis for moisturizing, and that was about it.

Around age 19 or so I decided to go natural, and in all that time since then, I still have not learned how to do my hair. Besides a couple of failed attempts at locking my hair, a mohawk (which my husband did for me), and one completely bald stint (also courtesy of my husband), I’ve usually kept it shorter than two inches and maintenance free. I’ve done the wash-n-go for YEARS, and for the most part never even touched a brush let alone run a comb through it.

After Eve was born, I started to let my hair grow out a little. It’s now several inches long (maybe 4 or 5?) and on Friday night I washed it, combed it out, picked it out into an afro, and then pushed it back with a headband. It was super cute! I rocked it again the next day and even my mom, who has lamented my short hair and natural look ever since I first cut it almost a decade ago, loved it! My husband simply adored it.

Saturday night I spent an hour and a half doing two-strand twists, which I have never done before in my life, and they ended up looking pretty sloppy the next morning. I realized where I went wrong after doing a bit of Googling (I went to bed with my hair still wet, and I didn’t use anything to keep the twists in place while they dried), picked up some clips from the closest beauty supply shop, and spent 30 minutes retwisting and clipping. I let my hair air dry (I don’t own a blow dryer and don’t want one either), took out the clips, and voila! They looked awesome!

Naturally, I didn’t think to get a picture while they were still fresh, and today they look pretty fuzzy since I’ve slept on them, but I’m still feeling pretty great about the fact that I’m learning more about my own hair. After all, I’m going to have to learn how to do hair at some point once Eve has enough on her head to warrant her own ‘do. I look forward to more experimentation in the future!